Manage advertising accounts

You can access the Management UI by navigating to Admin > Advertising Accounts.

Element Definition


Note: Actions display only if you have selected at least one advertising account.

+ Add

Takes you to the Set Up Advertising Account UI.


Renames this account in all the report suites that it is mapped to.

Map Report Suites

Lets you edit the report suite mappings.


Deactivates the account. To activate it again, click Activate.

Column Headers


The name you have assigned to this advertising account.

Report Suites

The report suite/s mapped to this advertising account.


We currently support only one type: Search.


Lists one of the 2 supported account types: Google Adwords or Bing Ads.


There are 2 status indicators:

  • Active: The account is actively pulling search data.
  • Paused: The account is currently deactivated and not pulling search data.


(Left margin) You can filter advertising accounts by Report Suite, Type, and Status.

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