Locations manager

The Locations manager allows you to create, edit, or delete locations.

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In order to import Adobe Analytics classification data from a cloud destination, you first need to add and configure the location where you want the classification data to be collected. This page explains the various options available on the Locations page.

Filter locations

The left side of the Locations manager provides filter settings to find the desired locations.

  1. Select the filter icon.

    You can filter locations by Location Type, Account, or Created By.

    Locations filters

Locations manager columns

The following columns are available in the Locations manager:

  • Location name: The location name. Select the 3-dot menu next to a location name to either edit the location or delete it.
  • Location type: The type of account associated with the location.
  • Account: The specific account associated with the location.
  • Last used: The date when the location was last used.
  • Created by: The user who created the location.
  • Date created: The date that the location was created.

Create or edit options

The following options are available in the Locations manager:

  • Add location: Create a location.

    For more information, see Configure cloud import locations.

  • Search field: Search for locations by name.

  • Load more: The Locations manager initially displays up to 1,000 locations. This button loads 1,000 more locations.

  • Customize table: The Customize table icon Customize table icon allows you to choose which columns are displayed in the table.

Select the checkbox next to a location to reveal the following options:

  • Edit: Allows you to edit the selected location. For information about available fields that you can edit, see Configure cloud import locations.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected locations. This option allows you to select multiple locations.

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