Report Builder Sign-In


Report Builder version 5.6.47 and later supports Experience Cloud login only and does not support legacy logins such as Site Catalyst Single Sign-on or the Standard Login. By July 22, 2021, all Report Builder users must update the Report Builder Add-in to version 5.6.47 or later which includes a critical update to the log-in process.

To log in to Report Builder, use your Experience Cloud login account.

Experience Cloud

The Experience Cloud login lets you use your Enterprise ID (email and password) to log in to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Click Sign In > Sign in with an Enterprise ID to be redirected to your company’s single sign-on page. For more information on Enterprise ID, click here.


The Experience Cloud login is session based and the token expires after 30 days.

Sign in to Report Builder

To sign in to Report Builder

  1. In Excel, click Add-Ins.

  2. Click Sign In. Other actions that sign you in include:

  3. Complete the fields on the Login page, then click OK.

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