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Last update: 2022-06-10
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The Page summary panel started out as a report in Reports & Analytics, under Reports > Engagement > Page analysis > Page summary. It is now a Workspace panel as well. This panel lets you easily explore key statistics about specific pages.

Access the panel

You can access the panel from within Reports or within Workspace.

Access point Description
  • The panel is already dropped into a project.
  • The left rail is collapsed.
  • Only the Page dimension is supported.
  • A default setting has already been applied, in this case the top visited page for thePage dimension. You can modify this setting.
Workspace Create a new project and select the Panel icon in the left rail. Drag the Page summary panel above the Freeform table. Notice that the Page Dimension Item field is left blank. Select a dimension item from the drop-down list.

Panel inputs

You can configure the Page summary panel using these input settings:

Setting Description
Segment (or other component) drop zone You can drag and drop segments or other components to further filter your panel results.
Page dimension item From the drop-down list, select the Page dimension item whose key statistics you want to explore.

Click Build to build the panel.

Panel output

The Page summary panel returns a rich set of metrics data and visualizations to help you better understand statistics about specific pages.

Metric/Visualization Description
Page views - Current month, so far Number of page views for this page for the current month.
Page views - 4 weeks prior Number of page views for this page over the last month.
Page views - 52 weeks prior Number of page views for this page over the last year.
Trend A trended page view chart for this month, 4 weeks prior, and 52 weeks prior.
Percentage of all page views A summary number for the percentage of all page views that went to this page.
Time spent on page A horizontal bar chart listing the time spent on this page.
Single page visits A summary number listing the number of page views where this was the only page visited.
Reloads The Reloads metric shows the number of times a dimension item was present during a reload. A visitor refreshing their browser is the most common way to trigger a reload.
Entries The Entries metric shows the number of times a given dimension item is captured as the first value in a visit.
Exits The Exits metric shows the number of times a given dimension item is captured as the last value in a visit.
Flow A Flow diagram with the selected page as the focal point. You can drill further into the data just like in any Flow diagram.

Page summary panel

Metrics and flow

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