Media Playback Time Spent panel

Media Analytics customers can analyze playback time spent to understand where peak concurrency occurred or where drop-offs happened to provide valuable insight into the quality of content and viewer engagement, and to help with troubleshooting or planning for volume or scale.

In Analysis Workspace, Playback Time Spent is the amount of time spent viewing your media stream(s) at a specific point in time, and includes pause, buffer, and time to start.

The Media Playback Time Spent panel enables analysis of playback over time, with details on peak concurrency and the ability to break down and compare. To access the Media Playback Time Spent panel, navigate to a report suite with Media Analytics components enabled. Then, click the panel icon on the far-left and drag the panel into your Analysis Workspace project.

This panel also includes new functionality in the calendar that enables you to select and display less than 24 hours. You can do that for the entire panel, or you can create segments using consecutive time periods so you can track viewership lead-in/lead-out across programs or sections of programs. Once you’ve placed at least two of those date segments, you’ll see a radio button option for Date Sequence Display that will either overlay the lines with a common x axis start, or display them in sequence with their specific x axis start.

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