Ad-hoc project segments

Here is a video on creating ad-hoc project segments:

You can create ad-hoc project segments if you want to quickly explore how a segment might affect your project, without going to the Segment Builder. Think of these segments as temporary, project-level segments. They will typically not be part of your segment “library” like component segments in the left rail. However, you can save them, as shown below.

For a comparison of what ad-hoc project segments can do vs. full-fledged component-level segments, go here.

  1. Drop any component type (dimension, dimension item, event, metric, segment, segment template, date range) into the segment drop zone at the top of a panel. Component types are auto-converted into segments.
    Here is an example of how to create a segment for the Twitter referring domain:

    Your panel automatically gets this segment applied and you can instantly see the results.

  2. You can add an unlimited number of components to a panel.

  3. If you decide that you want to save this segment, refer to the section below.

Keep in mind:

  • You cannot drop the following component types into the segment zone: calculated metrics and dimensions/metrics from which you cannot build segments.
  • For full dimensions and events, Analysis Workspace creates “exists” hit segments. Examples: Hit where eVar1 exists or Hit where event1 exists.
  • If “unspecified” or “none” is dropped in the segment drop zone, it is automatically converted to a “does not exist” segment so that it is treated correctly in segmentation.

Segments created this way are internal to the project.

Save ad-hoc project segments

You can choose to save these segments by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the segment in the drop zone and click the “i” icon.

  2. In the information panel that displays, click Save.

What are project-only segments?

Project-only segments are either quick segments or ad-hoc Workspace project segments. When editing/opening them in the segment builder then the project-only box will show up. If they APPLY a quick segment in the builder but don’t check the make available box, then it is still a project-only segment but it can no longer be opened in the QS builder. If they check the box and SAVE it is now a component-list segment.

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