Server-side forwarding data and code reference

A comprehensive list and descriptions of the configuration variables, HTTP headers, and data signals in server-side forwarding calls.

Configuration Variables

Parameters prefixed with d_* identify special, system-level key-value pairs used by our data collection servers (DCS). See also Supported Attributes for DCS API calls.

Parameter Description
d_rs (Gets set with legacy/tracking-server-based server-side forwarding)
Set to the report suites passed in with the hit to Analytics.
d_dst_filter (Gets set with report-suite-based server-side forwarding)
Set to the report suite IDs passed in with the hit to Analytics.
d_dst Set d_dst=1
if the request to Analytics is expecting content about the destination to be sent back to the client.
d_mid The Experience Cloud ID passed in to Analytics.

HTTP Headers

These headers are fields contain information like requests for data and responses in an HTTP call.

HTTP Header Description
Host This is set to the client’s specific data collection host name specified in the Analytics host config file. It appears as host name . See Understanding Calls to the Demdex Domain .
User-Agent Set to the User-Agent header passed in to Analytics.
X-Original-User-Agent Only set if an alternate user agent was specified by one of these headers:
X-Forwarded-For Set to the IP address of the requesting client. Analytics will have already parsed the incoming X-Forwarded-For header and determined the correct IP address to use.
Accept-Language Set to the Accept-Language header passed in to Analytics.
Referer Set to the page URL passed in to Analytics or gathered from the Referer header passed in to Analytics.

Customer-Defined Signals

Parameters prefixed with c_ identify customer-defined variables. See also Supported Attributes for DCS API Calls.

Signal Description
c_browserWidth and c_browserHeight Browser window width and height.
c_campaign Set by s.campaign .
c_channel Set by .
c_clientDateTime Timestamp formatted as dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss W TZ . TZ is in minutes and matches the return of the Date.getTimezoneOffset method.
c_colorDepth Specified as 16- or 32-bit color.
c_connectionType Specifies connection type. Options include:
  • modem
  • lan
c_contextData.* Examples:
  • AppMeasurement: s.contextData
  • [“category”] = “news”;
  • Signal: c_contextData.category=news
c_cookiesEnabled Specifies if cookies can be enabled. Options include: yes, no, unknown
c_currencyCode Type of currency used for the transaction.
c_evar# Custom evars
c_events Set by .
c_hier# Custom hierarchy variables.
c_javaEnabled Specifies if Java can be enabled. Options include: yes, no, unknown
c_javaScriptVersion Version of JavaScript supported by a browser.
c_latitude Numeric latitude
c_linkClick Options include: custom, download exit
c_linkCustomName The custom name (if any) provided for the link.
c_linkDownloadURL The URL of download links.
c_linkExitURL The exit link URL.
c_list# Custom list variables.
c_longitude Numeric longitude.
c_mediaPlayerType For media stream tracking requests. Options include: other, primetime
c_pageName The page name (if set).
c_pageURL The address of the page in the address bar of the browser.
c_products The product string (set by s.products ).
c_prop Custom props.
c_purchaseID A unique ID for the purchase.
c_referrer The page prior to the current page.
c_screenResolution Screen width and height (in pixels).
c_server Web server name (set by s.server ).
c_state Geographic region (set by s.state ).
c_timezone Time offset (in hours).
c_transactionID A unique ID for a transaction.
c_zip Postal code (set by ).

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