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You can curate, share and schedule PDF/CSV projects to recipients in your organization within the Workspace Share menu.


Some functionality described in this article is in the Limited Testing phase of release and might not be available yet in your environment. This note will be removed when the functionality is generally available. For information about the Analytics release process, see Adobe Analytics feature releases.

Menu option Description
Share with Workspace users (Available in Limited Testing) Make a project available to other Analysis Workspace users in your organization. Share with specific users, or create a shareable link for quick access to a project. Users are required to log in. Learn more
Share with anyone Grant read-only access to Analysis Workspace projects to people who don’t have access to Adobe Analytics. Learn more
Export file Send a project as a CSV or PDF immediately to specified recipients. Learn more
Schedule file export Send a project as a CSV or PDF on a schedule to specified recipients. Learn more
Curate project data Limit the components (dimensions, metrics, filters, date ranges) available in a project. Learn more

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