Add Projects to Folders

You can add projects to a folder in the table view or from within a folder.

From the table view

Add projects to a folder from the table view on the home page.

  1. Select one or more projects that you want to add to a folder.

  2. Select Move to. The Select Folder dialogue is displayed.

  3. Select a folder name from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Add.

    The selected projects are added to the folder.

    The Workspace landing page now shows the folder contains (3) projects.

From inside a folder

You can also add projects from inside a folder using the ellipses link.

  1. Select and open a folder from the table view.

  2. Click the ellipsis icon in the top-right.

    A drop-down menu displays the option to add projects to the folder. Additional options allow you to rename, move, or delete the folder and manage folder permissions.

  3. Select Add projects and select the project that you want to add from the drop-down list.

    You can add multiple projects to the folder.

  4. Click Add to add the projects to the folder.


Only Admins can add projects to the Company Folder or create a new project and save it to the Company Folder

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