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Last update: 2023-11-17
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Google Ads and Microsoft® Advertising accounts

Beta feature for Microsoft® Advertising accounts

Google Ads recommendations and Microsoft® Advertising performance insights are suggestions from the ad network to help improve the performance and efficiency of your campaigns:

  • Each Google Ads recommendation provides customized suggestions about different performance aspects of a campaign — from adding an asset to increasing the budget — based on your account’s performance history, your campaign settings, and trends across Google Ads.

  • Each Microsoft® Advertising performance insight alerts you to a significant fluctuation in a manager account, advertiser account, or campaign; identifies the possible causes, and suggests actions to optimize performance.

The Recommendations & Publisher Insights view

Within Insights & Reports > Recommendations & Publisher Insights, you can:

  • See at a glance all supported recommendations that haven’t been acted on for a Google Ads account or all performance insights generated in the last 30 days for a [Microsoft® Advertising] account. Information for each entry includes the recommendation/insight details and the entities affected. For Google Ads accounts, predicted increases to metrics are highlighted in green.

    Recommendations UI

    The data is available in real time when you open the view. To refresh the data, click Refresh on the bottom left of the page.

  • For Google Ads accounts:

    • View recommendation details, and directly apply or dismiss a recommendation.

    • View a log of each recommendation that was applied for the account, including the affected entities, who applied the recommendation, and the time stamp.

  • For [Microsoft® Advertising] accounts, open the Microsoft® Advertising editor, from which you can act on a specific insight.


While ad network recommendations and performance insights help you improve campaign performance, some may not align with your broader goals. As a result, it’s best to consult with your Adobe Account Team before implementing any recommendation or insight.

Supported recommendation types for Google Ads

Recommendation Category Recommendation Type Description
Ads and extensions (now called “Ads and assets” in Google Ads) Call extension Add call extensions to a campaign
Callout extension Add callout extensions to a campaign
Optimize ad rotation Use optimized ad rotations
Responsive search ad Add new responsive search ad
Responsive search ad asset Add responsive search ad assets to an ad
Responsive search improve ad strength Suggestions to improve ad strength for a responsive search ad
Sitelink extension Add sitelink extensions to a campaign
Text ad Add ad suggestions
Automated campaigns DSA to performance max migration Migrate dynamic search ads to performance max campaigns.
Dynamic image extension opt in Enable dynamic image extensions for the account, which allows Google Ads machine learning to automatically append the most relevant images from your ad’s landing page to your ad.
Improve performance max ad strength Improve the asset group strength of a performance max campaign so that it has an “Excellent” rating.
Performance max opt in Opt in to performance max campaigns.
Upgrade local campaign to performance max Upgrade a legacy local campaign to a performance max campaign
Upgrade smart shopping campaign to performance max Upgrade a legacy smart shopping campaign to a performance max campaign
Bidding and budget Campaign budget Fix campaigns limited by budget
Enhanced CPC opt in Bid with Enhanced CPC
Forecasting campaign budget Fix campaigns that are expected to become limited by budget in the future
Forecasting set Target ROAS Raise the budget before a seasonal event that is forecasted to increase traffic, and change the bidding strategy from Maximize Conversion Value to Target ROAS
Marginal ROI campaign budget Adjust campaign budget to increase ROI
Maximize clicks opt in Bid with Maximize Clicks
Maximize conversions opt in Bid with Maximize Conversions
Move unused budget Move unused to constrained budgets
Raise Target CPA bid too low Raise the Target CPA by a recommended amount when it’s too low and there are few or no conversions
Target CPA opt in Bid with Target CPA
Target CPA raising Raise the Target CPA based on Google Ads predictions, which are calculated from past conversions.
Target ROAS lowering Lower the Target ROAS based on Google Ads predictions, which are calculated from past conversions.
Target ROAS opt in Bid with Target ROAS
Keywords and targeting Display expansion opt in Expand reach by updating a campaign to use display expansion
Keyword Add new keywords
Search partners opt in Expand reach with Google search partners
Use broad match keyword Use broad match for conversion-based campaigns with fully automated conversion-based bidding

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