Overview of Inventory Features in Advertising Cloud DSP

Advertising Cloud DSP can support your inventory needs, whether you’re wanting to find scale with public inventory, find scale among premium publishers with On Demand, or set up a 1:1 private marketplace (PMP) deal with a publisher to activate against specific audiences or sites. Your campaign goals will help dictate which type of inventory best suits your campaign’s performance needs. Integrations with top supply side platforms (SSPs) allow seamless setup and activation of your PMPs.

Once you access or identify your inventory deals in DSP, you can use them as placement targets for your campaigns.

Available inventory types include:

  • On Demand Inventory: Explore pre-negotiated, non-guaranteed deals that Adobe has curated with our premium publisher partners.

  • Private Inventory Deal IDs: Set up and manage private marketplace deals (PMPs) that you’ve negotiated directly 1:1 with the publisher.

  • Simple Ad Serving: Use streamlined technology for guaranteed, non-decisioned ad delivery and reporting when your publisher can’t execute your deal via deal IDs.

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