About Ad Management in Advertising Cloud DSP

Advertising Cloud DSP offers two ways to serve your ads:

  • Advertising Cloud DSP will serve your ads for free when you upload your own assets (such as display banners, video assets, audio files, or URLs) directly to DSP. For DSP-served assets, you have access to additional features, such as overlays.

  • If you use a third-party ad server (such as Google, Flashtalking, or Sizmek), you can upload your third-party ad serving tags to DSP individually or in bulk. The bulk upload feature requires you to either a) upload DoubleClick and Flashtalking tag sheets or b) download a template, input your tags into the template, and then re-upload the template.

Once your ads are set up, you’ll need to attach each ad to a placement, which includes the targeting parameters (such as geo, audience, device, and inventory targeting) that will control how your campaign will deliver. You can attach a single ad to one or multiple placements.

Available Ad Types

  • Audio
  • Connected TV
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Native
  • Pre-Roll

For more information about these ad types, see Available Ad Types and the complete Ad Specifications.

Special Ad Features

The following features are available for DSP-served ads only.

Companion Banners

Companion banners are served alongside pre-roll ads or (with some publishers) audio ads and can help reinforce brand and message association.

  • Not all publishers allow companion banners. The publishers who do allow companion banners don’t guarantee companion banner impressions.
  • Companion banners from third-party ad tags may not always available for preview.

You can upload your own companion banner asset or upload a third-party iFrame or script banner tag from a certified third-party ad serving partner.


Overlays help with persistent branding throughout the video and can drive additional clicks. The overlay feature is available for interactive pre-roll ads and for mobile ads in interactive and tap-to-play formats.

See the Best Practices for Designing Overlays


A teaser is an eye-catching image that entices the viewer to play an ad. Teasers apply only to mobile tap-to-play ad formats.

Advertising Cloud DSP Ad Approvals

When you create an ad, Advertising Cloud DSP reviews it for sensitive categories, click URL functionality, and preview rendering.

Initially, you’ll see a red dot in the Status column. The review process normally takes 24-48 hours. A broken ad, however, may have a pending status for longer than 48 hours so you have time to fix errors before the ad is rejected. Rejected ads include a reason for the rejection.

When DSP approves an ad, you’ll see a green dot in the Status column.

approval indicator in Status column


Your ad will only be served if both DSP and the SSP have approved the creative. Each SSP has its own approval requirements and process.

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