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Welcome! Adobe is proud to partner with universities and institutions to ensure students enter the workforce with the in-demand skills businesses need in today’s digital, customer-experience economy.

Real data. Real analysis. Real-world skills.

Today, data drives every business decision. Our Adobe Analytics access lets you work with professional tools and real data today so you can confidently launch your career tomorrow.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

Analysis concepts and processes

Learn how Analytics collects, processes, and reports data, as well as key analysis concepts and terms.

Custom and out-of-the-box reporting

Use our flexible tool to create freeform tables and data visualizations, detect anomalies, track attribution, and build custom analysis projects.

The data that matters

Discover which web and mobile variable types are measured and how to properly use them in reporting and creating business goals.

AI and machine learning actions

Work with AI and machine learning to reveal hidden opportunities and predict customer behavior.

Additional quick-start Analytics resources

Get on the fast track to a deeper understanding of Analytics.

Key Analytics concepts

A helpful glossary of all the terms and concepts you’ll run across.

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Analysis Workspace New User Guide

These videos will help you make the most of Workspace, the flexible Analytics interface that lets you customize reports.

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Analysis Workspace deep-dive

Get the ins and outs of this powerful drag-and-drop tool to easily build custom analyses.

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Analysis Workspace overview

Got questions about Analytics Analysis Workspace capabilities? This 3-minute video has answers.

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The expertise for many careers

No matter your career choice, understanding the insights behind the data is essential.


Analyze and predict customer behaviors, optimize content and experiences, and understand conversion attributions.

Product Management

Lead successful product development through a deep understanding of customer needs.

Digital Analysis

Drive improved customer experience through an understanding of qualitative and quantitative data.