Workfront Fusion release activity: Week of December 12, 2022

This page describes all enhancements made in Adobe Workfront Fusion the week of December 12, 2022.

For a list of all recent changes, see Adobe Workfront Fusion release activity.

For a list of recent bug fixes in Workfront Fusion, see the Workfront Maintenance Updates page and check for any updates labeled Workfront Fusion Maintenance Update.

Fusion enhancements for future growth

We are working behind the scenes to prepare Fusion for anticipated growth in the coming year. Most of these changes will not be visible to you, but will ensure reliable and efficient performance for current and future customers.

We’re currently working on:

  • Moving further on using Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) for future Workfront Fusion Authentication.
  • Changing the way Workfront Fusion handles unused webhooks, to prevent them from affecting performance as Fusion scales up.
  • Other infrastructure enhancements.