Workfront Fusion release activity: Week of May 1, 2023

This page describes all enhancements made in Adobe Workfront Fusion the week of May 1, 2023

For a list of all recent changes, see Adobe Workfront Fusion release activity.

For a list of recent bug fixes in Workfront Fusion, see the Workfront Maintenance Updates page and check for any updates labeled Workfront Fusion Maintenance Update.

New filter operators available in Workfront > Watch events module

To make it easier for you to start a scenario based on events that are important to your workflow, we’ve added new operators to the filter in the Workfront > Watch events module.

  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than or equal to
  • Contains
  • Exists
  • Does not exist
  • Changed

Note that the Changed operator ignores the State field, and that the Exists, Does not Exist, and Changed operators do not require a field value.

For more information, see Watch events in the Workfront modules article.

Manage locked scenarios

In some cases, a scenario might be temporarily locked by the Workfront Fusion engineering team because the scenario is causing performance or other issues. Now, you can unlock locked scenarios from inside Fusion.

Previously, there was no way for users to unlock scenarios.

Unlocking a scenario manually can cause errors in a scenario’s executions. Scenarios will be automatically unlocked 2-4 hours from the time it was locked.

For more information, see Manage locked scenarios in Adobe Workfront Fusion.

Update to Error Handling > Break Directive

Fusion’s error directives are an important part of how Fusion helps handle errors. The Break directive has recently been updated to better handle errors and reduce the risk of excess incomplete executions.

The purpose of the break directive is to support an approach to error handling that uses incomplete executions. The Break directive will create an incomplete execution when a module’s operation fails to process a specific bundle. Fusion will continue processing other bundles in the execution.

The Break directive has a retry capability. In some cases, this retry can create an extreme number of incomplete execution records. The volume and rate of creation can cause Fusion execution latency and delays creating Fusion logs. This results in a high number of incomplete executions that are not manually resolved by Fusion users as intended with incomplete executions. We’ve added a cap of 100 retries to the Break directive.

For more information on incomplete executions, see View and resolve incomplete executions in Adobe Workfront Fusion.

The Break directive may not be the best fit for Fusion users who simply want to retry an operation. We recommend designing a retry using the repeater module. For instructions on designing retries with the repeater module, see Use the repeater module in the article Retry error handling in Adobe Workfront Fusion.