Create a plan

In Mix Modeler, you create a plan using the plan canvas. In the plan canvas, you can set up the details and budgets of your plan and the underlying model to use for your plan. Once you have specified details, budget and model you can go ahead with an AI-recommended plan or edit the spend by channel.

To create a plan, in the PLan Plans interface in Mix Modeler, select Open plan canvas.

  1. In the Plan creation screen:

    1. In the Setup section

      1. Enter a Plan name, for example Demo plan. Enter a Description, for example Demo plan for Luma company.

      2. Select a Model from Select an option…..

      3. You can select LinkOut Create model to create a model directly from within the plan creation. This will open a new tab in your browser and show the Models interface.

        Plan Setup

    2. In the Budget section:

      1. Specify a date range, either by typing dates or selecting a date range using Calendar .
      2. Enter a budget.

      To add additional date ranges, each with their budget, select CalendarAdd Add row.

      To delete a date range and associated budget, select Close .

      To define a specified maximum budget:

      1. Switch Maximize budget on.

      2. Specify the amount of maximum budget. The amount should be equal or higher than the total amount of budgets specified for the date ranges.

        Plan budget

    3. Select Next.

  2. In the Done with all required fields dialog:

    Plan Done

    • Select {width="25/"} Create plan now if you want to generate an AI recommended plan with forecasted ROI.

      Select OK. Your plan is created.

    • Select TableEdit Edit channel budgets first if you want to edit channel budget before creating a plan with forecasted ROI.

      Select OK, so you can define your channel spend in Spend selection in the next step.

  3. In the Spend selection section, for each budget date range, use the Chevron top open the channel distribution view for that data range.

    1. To define budgets for each channel, enter a value for Min and Max or use the sliders.

    2. To toggle between currency or percentage input, select $ or % for View spend by.

      Spend selection

    3. When finished, select Create.

    4. In the Create plan dialog, select Create plan to create your plan. Select Cancel to cancel the creation of your plan. A No work is saved dialog is shown to confirm.