Use case: send a message to the subscribers of a list send-a-message-to-the-subscribers-of-a-list

The purpose of this use case is to create a journey to send a message to the subscribers of a list.

In this example, the Consent and Preference Details field group from Adobe Experience Platform is used. To find this field group, from the Data Management menu, choose Schemas. On the Field groups tab, enter the name of the field group in the search field.

This field group includes the subscriptions element

To configure this journey, follow these steps:

  1. Create a journey that starts with a Read activity. Read more.

  2. Add an Email action activity to the journey. Read more.

  3. In the Email parameters section of the Email activity settings, replace the default email address (PersonalEmail.adress) with the email address of the list subscribers:

    1. Click the Enable parameter override icon at the right of the Address field, then click the Edit icon.

    2. In the expression editor, enter the expression to retrieve the subscribers’ email addresses. Read more.

      This example shows an expression that includes references to map fields:

      code language-json

      In this example, these functions are used:

      table 0-row-3 1-row-3 2-row-3
      Function Description Example
      entry Refer to a map element according to the selected namespace Refer to a specific subscription list
      firstEntryKey Retrieve the first entry key of a map Retrieve the first email address of subscribers

      In this example, the subscription list is named daily-email. Email addresses are defined as keys in the subscribers map, which is linked to the subscription list map.

      Read more about references to fields in expressions.

    3. In the Add an expression dialog box, click Ok.

Email address override should only be used for specific use cases. Most of the time, you do not need to change the email address because the value defined as the primary address in the Execution fields is the one that should be used. Learn more