Create the text version of an email text-version-email

It is recommended to create a text version of your email body, which is used when HTML content cannot be displayed.

By default, the Email Designer creates a Plain text version of your email, including personalization fields. This version is automatically generated and synchronized with the HTML version of your content.

If you prefer using a different content for the plain text version, follow the steps below:

  1. From your email, select the Plain text icon.

  2. Use the Sync with HTML toggle to disable synchronization.

  3. Click the check mark to confirm your choice.

  4. You can then edit the plain text version as desired.

  • Changes made in Plain text view are not reflected in HTML view.

  • If you re-enable the Sync with HTML option after updating your plain text content, your changes will be lost, and replaced with text content generated from the HTML version.