Placements dataset placements-dataset

Each time an offer is modified, the autogenerated dataset for placements is updated.

The most recent successful batch in the dataset is displayed on the right. The hierarchical view of the schema for the dataset displays on the left pane.

Learn how to access the exported datasets for each object of your Offer Library in this section.

Here is the list of all the fields that can be used in the Decision Object Repository - Placements dataset.

Field: _id
Title: Identifier
Description: A unique identifier for the record.
Type: string
Field: _experience
Type: object
_experience > decisioning
Field: decisioning
Type: object
_experience > decisioning > Placement's Channel Identifier
Field: channelID
Title: Placement’s Channel Identifier
Description: The channel in which proposition was made. The value is a valid Channel URI. See
Type: string
_experience > decisioning > Content Component Type
Field: componentType
Title: Content Component Type
Description: An enumerated set of URIs where each value maps to a type given to the content component. Some consumers of the content representations are expecting the @type value to be a reference to schema that describes additional properties of the content component.
Type: string
_experience > decisioning > contentTypes
Field: contentTypes
Type: array
_experience > decisioning > contentTypes > MIME Media Type
Title: MIME Media Type
Description: A constraint for the media type of the components that is expected in that placement. There could be more than one media type possible for one component such as different image format.
Type: string
_experience > decisioning > Placement Description
Field: description
Title: Placement Description
Description: It is used to convey human readable intentions on how dynamic content is used in the overall message delivery. That a certain space is a "Banner" in a web page is often conveyed via the description and not by a formal method.
Type: string
_experience > decisioning > Placement Name
Field: name
Title: Placement Name
Description: An assigned name for the placement to refer to it in human interactions.
Type: string
Field: _repo
Type: object
_repo > Placement ETag
Field: etag
Title: Placement ETag
Description: The revision that the decision option object was at when the snapshot was taken.
Type: string