Personalization validation personalization-validation

Validation mechanisms validation-mechanisms

In the Expression editor screen, use the Validate button to check your personalization syntax.

The validation is automatically executed when you click on the Add button to close the editor window.

If the personalization syntax is not valid, you cannot close the expression editor window.

Common errors common-errors

  • Path “XYZ” not found

When trying to reference a field that is not defined in the schema.

In this case firstName1 is not defined as attribute in the profile schema:

  • Type mismatch for variable “XYZ”. Expected array. Found string.

When trying to iterate over a string instead of array:

In this case product is not an array:

{{each as |product|}}
  • Invalid handlebars syntax. Found ‘[XYZ}}’

When invalid handlebars syntax is used.

Handlebars expressions are surrounded with {{expression}}

  • Invalid segment definition
No segment definition found for 988afe9f0-d4ae-42c8-a0be-8d90e66e151

The errors related to offers integration in an Email or Push message have the following pattern :


The validation is performed during personalization content validation in the Expression editor.

Error title
Validation / Resolution
Resource with id placementID and type OfferPlacement not found
Resource with id activityID and type OfferActivity not found
Check if ActivityID and/or PlacementID are available
Resource could not be validated.
The componentType in the Placement should match the offerType offer
The public URL is not present in offer offerId.
The Image Offers (all Personalized and fallback associated with the decision and placement pair) should have public URL populated (deliveryURL should not be empty).
The decision contains non-profile attributes.
Offers Model usage should contain only the profile attributes.
An error occurred while fetching the decision usage.
This error could occur when the API is trying to fetch the offer model.
Offer Attribute offer-attribute is invalid.
Check if the offer-attribute referenced in offer drp is valid. Following are the valid attributes:
Image: deliveryURL, linkURL
Text: content
HTML: content