Unified profile and segmentation - Overview

Understand how to create a unified profile and then build segments based on profile attributes in order to personalize customer journeys.

The foundation for any personalized experience is data. With Adobe Journey Optimizer, marketers can build end-to-end real-time journeys on top of a unified customer profile, dynamic segments, and real-time data signals. The real-time customer profile is an essential part of a marketer’s ability to deliver a highly personalized experience at the best possible moment. It fuses data from all sources across customer touchpoints including behavioral, transactional, operational, and any other data source to give you a complete, real-time view of the customer. Marketers can use Journey Optimizers visual rule builder to create or edit segments they want to target with a message or journey. To create the perfect segment, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping the profile attributes or events you need. Adobe Journey Optimizer really harnesses the power of the real-time customer profile so you can go beyond the basic segment and speak to the individual. Profile attributes such as country, loyalty status, or purchase history can be used to personalize journeys and messages. Journey Optimizer can also leverage real-time behavioral data to build segments. Events such as clicking an email, adding a product to your shopping list, or abandoning your cart can all be easily dragged and dropped to create different combinations of segments. On top of that, these events can be used to trigger a new journey or the next step in an ongoing journey, so marketers can send a personalized contextual message. There is nothing more powerful than a personalized offer delivered at just the right time. With Adobe Journey Optimizer’s unified profile and dynamic segments, marketers can deliver journeys that are as smooth, relevant, and personalized as possible. -