Decision Management - Frequency capping

Understand how frequency capping for Offer Decisioning works. Learn how to configure frequency capping for a custom event and how to configure increments by defining the frequency.

This video will review frequency capping, how it works and how to use it to optimize your Offer Decisioning experience. Specifically, we will be looking at custom event and repeat feature functionality. These key pieces of frequency capping enable a tailored and seamless experience by allowing you to customize the type of event being counted or capped, and specify the frequency of offers being sent out.
Here, we are within the, Create, flow of an offer, just past creating the initial details and adding representations, and are now at the, Add constraints stage. On this page, you’ll be able to utilize both the Custom event and Repeat feature aspects of frequency capping.
So within Custom event, you can define any event that can be used in a frequency capping rule that will remove a specified offer from consideration in a decisioning response. So rather than being defined to a decision event, which is the default option, you can choose from out-of-the-box options such as Impressions or Clicks, or create your own defined Custom event. So, if I were to do that here I could create my Custom event.
And if I wanted to make that value, Checkouts, I would do that here and create my Custom event. See my capping count, so the number of times I want this capped would be three times.
In addition, within, Repeat feature, you can choose the capping increments so any number of days, weeks, or months for which you want the frequency rules to reset. So rather than having to recreate an offer every week or month, for example, this update does that additional work for you and allows you to take your hands off the wheel. So you could reset this and say, I want every two months, I want this counter to reset. And that would mean that after two months the custom event counter would go back to zero and the counter would increment every time that this Custom event happens, so in this example, the number of times a person checks out, and it would limit it to three checkouts. And that counter would go back to zero after every two months as dictated here. And there you have it, two of the ways to create customized and repeatable offer experiences within Offer Decisioning via frequency capping functionality.