Create placements

Learn how to create placements for decision management. Placements are one of the building block components of offers. A placement is the combination of content type and channel, for example, an image in an email or HTML code on a website.

In this video, you will learn how to create placements in decision management, and how they are used. A placement is the combination of the content type and marketing channel you’ll use, in your offer. An image in an email, or text on a website, are great examples of placements.
As you can see, here, placements are one of the building-block components of offers. You need to create your placements before you can create your offers. Let’s get started. From the Adobe Journey Optimizer interface, select Components, from the left navigation. By default, you should be on the Placements tab.
From the Placements page, you can see all of your existing placements. You can also sort them, using the arrow icons, search for results, using the search box, filter them in different ways with the funnel icon, and expose additional details, by selecting a placement.
To create a placement, select Create Placement. Assign a name, select a channel, select a content type, and, add an optional description. Then select Save, to create the placement.
You’ll, probably, want to develop a naming convention for placements, to make them easier to manage. Here, we used a convention that helps the team I’m on understand where a placement is being used. Choose a convention that works for your organization, and that’s all there is, to creating a placement. Later, in the offer-creation workflow, you’ll be prompted to select a placement. So, be sure to create all of the placements you need, before creating your offers.
Placements are also essential to decision management. Note that when we select a placement to view its details, the right rail shows the Placement ID Value. When you create decisions for your offers, these decisions will also be assigned IDs. The combination of the Placement ID and Offer Decision ID makes a Decision Scope, which gets used in the API request to retrieve the correct offer for the customer.
You should now be able to create your own placements in decision management, and have a sense of how they’re used, to create and deliver offers. Thanks for watching. -

To learn more on how to create placements with an API, see the product guide