Assets Essentials Overview

Get an overview over the Assets Essentials features and how it can be used in Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Finding the best images to use in messages and offers can be challenging, especially if marketing and creative teams are working in silos, without a single source of truth for marketing assets. Fortunately, Adobe Journey Optimizer has a solution built right in; Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials. It’s a lightweight, but powerful Digital Asset Manager, or DAM, accessible directly from the Journey Optimizer UI. In this centralized asset library, users can organize assets in folders, add their own keywords, or leverage AI-driven smart tagging, enabled by Adobe Sensei, to find the most relevant assets more easily. Marketers can also access assets directly from the Message Designer as they’re creating email or mobile messages. Adding an asset to a message is as easy as clicking on the asset and dragging and dropping it onto the message. Assets Essentials can also be leveraged to personalize offers. While you’re building out the offer, you can easily add assets into the various representations of the offer.
With Assets Essentials, marketers have an instant connection to Adobe Creative Cloud, and integration with Photoshop Express allows up to five designated Journey Optimizer users to perform minor editing tasks on their own, such as resizing, cropping, straightening, and touching up images for use in messages. Major edits are no problem either, because Assets Essentials also functions as a centralized workspace that enables creative teams and marketers to collaborate on assets, and creatives can edit any content stored in the DAM directly from the Creative Cloud tools they use every day. Because Journey Optimizer includes Assets Essentials, marketers can easily organize, find, and use brand-approved assets, and ensure content is consistent across messages and offers throughout the customer journey. -