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  • Intelligent Services Guide
    Use intelligent AI services to generate scores, discover insights, and create segments from your marketing events data.
  • Attribution AI overview
    Attribution AI is used to attribute credits to touchpoints leading to conversion events. This can be used by marketers to help quantify the marketing impact of each individual marketing touchpoint across customer journeys.
  • Customer AI overview
    Customer AI is used to generate custom propensity scores such as churn and conversion for individual profiles at-scale.

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  • Configure Attribution AI
    Learn how to create an instance of Attribution AI to understand the impact of your marketing channels and campaigns.
  • Use Attribution AI Scores and Insights
    Learn how to use the Attribution AI insights page to understand the ROI of marketing channels and campaigns
  • Configure Customer AI
    Learn how to create an instance of Customer AI to predict customer behavior.
  • Use Customer AI Scores and Insights
    Learn how to use Customer AI propensity scores and insights to convert and retain customers.
  • See All Tutorials
    A high-level introduction to Intelligent Services, which empower marketing analysts and practitioners to use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in customer experience use cases without data science expertise.

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