Experience Platform Tags (China)

When you use an Adobe-managed host to deliver your Adobe Experience Platform tags assets on your website, these assets are distributed amongst various content delivery networks (CDNs) around the world to deliver the quickest download speed. However, there are certain regions that require all website assets to be replicated and hosted on a server within that region.

To account for this, tags in Experience Platform provides an Experience Platform Tags (China) feature which allows you to deliver content to these special regions.

Experience Platform Tags (China) support is a paid feature, and must be purchased by your organization in order to enable and use it. This guide covers how to configure and use this feature in the Experience Platform UI or Data Collection UI after it has been purchased.

Enable Experience Platform Tags (China) for your organization

Experience Platform Tags (China) is enabled at the company level. Once your organization has purchased the Experience Platform Tags (China) feature, an Adobe administrator will enable the feature in the UI for your company.

Rebuild and install tag libraries with updated embed codes

Once Experience Platform Tags (China) is enabled, it does not mean that your tag assets are immediately replicated and ready to use within the new regions. It only means that you can now choose when to opt in to this functionality.

Libraries built before enabling tags in China will continue to operate as-is exactly as they do today. This also applies to libraries not managed by Adobe, since archived environments only use relative URLs for their asset paths. Please note that after you have enabled Experience Platform Tags (China), any library you build that is not managed by Adobe will behave as if the tags in China feature is not enabled.

Once you have enabled tags in China and rebuilt any libraries that you wish to use from the new hosting regions, you can retrieve the new hosting region embed codes to add to your websites.

The library embed code that is listed under the Standard hosting region will continue to work as-is, as well as any Page Top or Page Bottom embed codes already on your websites.

Visit the Environments page or view the environment install instructions from the library edit screen to find the new embed codes. Each new supported hosting region appears after the Standard hosting region (used for areas in the world that are supported without Experience Platform Tags (China)). The screenshot below shows an embed code for the China region, which uses .cn as its top-level domain (TLD).

Embed code for the China region

Choose the appropriate embed code for the webpage, and paste it within the <head> tag of your document. For more information using embed codes to install tag libraries, please refer to the environments UI guide.

Next steps

This guide covered how to enable and install the Experience Platform Tags (China) feature for your tags implementation. For more information on installing and testing tag libraries on your web and mobile properties, refer to the publishing overview.