LinkedIn conversions API extension

LinkedIn Conversions API is a conversion tracking tool that creates a direct connection between marketing data from an advertiser’s server and LinkedIn. This enables advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness of their LinkedIn marketing campaigns regardless of the location of the conversion and utilize this information to drive campaign optimization. The LinkedIn Conversions API extension can help strengthen performance and decrease cost per action with more complete attribution, improved data reliability, and better optimized delivery.

Prerequisites prerequisites

You must create a conversion rule in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account. Adobe recommends including “CAPI” at the beginning of the conversation rule name to set it apart from other conversion rule types you might have configured.

Create a secret and a data element

Create a new LinkedIn event forwarding secret and provide it with a unique name that signifies the authenticating member. This will be used to authenticate the connection to your account while keeping the value secure.

Next, create a data element using the Core extension and a Secret data element type to reference the LinkedIn secret you just created.

Install and configure the LinkedIn extension install

To install the extension, create an event forwarding property or select an existing property to edit.

Select Extensions in the left navigation. In the Catalog tab, select the LinkedIn extension and then select Install.

The extension catalog showing the LinkedIn extension card highlighting install.

On the next screen, enter the data element secret you created earlier into the Access Token field. The data element secret will contain your LinkedIn OAuth 2 token. Select Save when finished.

The LinkedIn extension configuration page with the Access Token field and Save highlighted.

Create a Send Conversion rule tracking-rule

Once all your data elements are set up, you can start creating event forwarding rules that determine when and how your events will be sent to LinkedIn.

Create a new event forwarding rule in your event forwarding property. Under Actions, add a new action and set the extension to LinkedIn. Next, select Send Conversion for the Action Type.

The Event Forwarding Property Rules view, with the fields required to add an event forwarding rule action configuration highlighted.

After selection, additional controls appear to further configure the event. Select Keep Changes to save the rule.

User Data

Email address of the contact associated with the conversion event. The email value will be encoded by the extension code in SHA256 unless the provided value is already a SHA256 string.
LinkedIn First Party Ads Tracking UUID
This is a first party cookie id. Advertisers need to enable enhanced conversion tracking from LinkedIn Campaign Manager in order to activate first party cookies that append a click ID parameter li_fat_id to the click URLs.
Customer Information Data
This field contains a JSON object with extra attributes that will be sent along with the message.

Under the Raw option, you can paste the JSON object directly into the provided text field, or you can select the data element icon ( Dataset icon ) to select from a list of existing data elements to represent the data.

You can also use the JSON Key-Value Pairs Editor option to manually add each key-value pair through a UI editor. Each value can be represented by a raw input, or a data element can be selected instead. The accepted key values are: firstName, lastName, companyName, title and country.

The User Data section showing example data input into the fields.

Conversion Data

The ID of the conversion rule created in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Select the conversion rule to obtain the ID, then copy the ID from the browser URL (for example, /campaignmanager/accounts/508111232/conversions/15588877) as /conversions/<id>.
Conversion Time
Each timestamp in milliseconds at which the conversion event happened.

Note: If your source records the conversion timestamp in seconds, please insert 000 at the end to transform it to milliseconds.
Currency code in ISO format.
Value of the conversion in decimal string (for example, “100.05”).
Event ID
The unique id generated by advertisers to indicate each event. This is an optional field and is used for deduplication.

The Conversion Data section showing example data in the fields.

Configuration Overrides


The Configuration Overrides field allows a user to set a different LinkedIn access token on every rule, allowing each rule to use an access token that may have access to different LinkedIn ad accounts.

Access Token
The LinkedIn access token.

The Configuration Overrides section showing example data input in the field.

Next steps

This guide covered how to send data to LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Conversions API event forwarding extension. For more information on event forwarding capabilities in Adobe Experience Platform, read the event forwarding overview.

For details on how to debug your implementation using the Experience Platform Debugger and Event Forwarding Monitoring tool, read the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger overview and Monitor activities in event forwarding.