Adobe Experience Platform release notes

Release date: December 9, 2020

New features in Adobe Experience Platform:

Updates to existing features in Adobe Experience Platform:

Dataflows dataflows

Dataflows are a representation of data jobs that move data across Platform. These dataflows are configured across different services, helping move data from source connectors to target datasets, to Identity and Profile Service, and to destinations.

Key feature

Transparency for dataflows
You can monitor dataflows for sources and destinations. For more information, please read the tutorial on monitoring sources or the tutorial on monitoring destinations.

To learn more about dataflows, please read the dataflows overview.

Data Science Workspace dsw

Data Science Workspace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create insights from your data. Integrated into Adobe Experience Platform, Data Science Workspace helps you make predictions using your content and data assets across Adobe solutions.

Key features

Adobe Experience Platform Intelligence package addon

The Adobe Experience Platform Intelligence package addon is a Data Science Workspace upgrade that unlocks additional key features such as:

  • UI driven model experimentation and evaluation.

  • Ability to deploy and operationalize models with scheduled training and inferencing jobs.

  • Support for deep learning in Tensorflow models (GPU Compute).

  • Spark-based distributed compute to train and score against large datasets (10MM + rows).

  • And more

To learn more about the Adobe Experience Platform Intelligence package addon, please see the documentation on Data Science Workspace access and features.

Sources sources

Adobe Experience Platform can ingest data from external sources while allowing you to structure, label, and enhance that data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, third party software, and your CRM system.

Experience Platform provides a RESTful API and an interactive UI that lets you set up source connections for various data providers with ease. These source connections allow you to authenticate and connect to external storage systems and CRM services, set times for ingestion runs, and manage data ingestion throughput.

Key features

Update account and connection details for streaming sources
You can now update the names, descriptions, and credentials of existing streaming connections using the Flow Service API and the UI. For more information, see the tutorial on updating connections using the API and editing account details using the UI.
Delete dataflows
Streaming dataflows that contain errors or have become unnecessary can now be deleted using the Flow Service API and the UI. For more information, see the tutorial on deleting dataflows using the API and deleting dataflows using the UI.

To learn more about sources, see the sources overview.