Customer AI and Data Governance in Customer AI

Any data governance-related settings in Customer AI are inherited from Adobe Experience Platform.

Data Governance governance

The integration between Customer AI and Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance gives you the ability to control and comprehend your data throughout its journey through Platform. This involves maintaining data quality, data lineage, data cataloging, and more.

Data usage labels and policies that were created on datasets consumed by Platform can be surfaced in the Customer AI configuration workflow. These labels stop or warn users who use labeled fields.

This integration allows you to manage compliance more efficiently. Data stewards in your organization can set policies to restrict usage. As a result, you can use data that complies with policies defined by data stewards. Read the documentation on Labels and Policies to learn more.

Customer AI honors your consent preferences. Once you’ve setup and enabled your consent policy, Customer AI will honor the consent data collected from you. Only consented data is used for scoring the model in subsequent runs of the model. The new scores will replace the old scores and can be used in segmentation. This feature is currently only available for HealthCare Shield customers, and Privacy and Security shield customers.

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