Document your destination in Adobe Experience Platform

The process documented here is only required for partners submitting productized (public) destinations. If you are creating a private destination for your own use, you do not need to create and publish documentation for your destination.

Overview overview

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Documenting your destination is the final step before it can be set live in Adobe Experience Platform.

This documentation section includes:

Prerequisites prerequisites

To create documentation for your destination according to the instructions in this article, the following items are necessary:

High-level instructions to create documentation for your destination in Adobe Experience Platform high-level-instructions

At a high level, to create documentation for your destination, you need to create a fork of the Adobe Experience Platform documentation repository and edit the provided documentation template in a new branch. Use the Adobe-provided template to create a new destination page. Open a pull request (PR) when you are ready. Instructions to do this are further below, in Steps to create your new destination page.

Documentation template documentation-template

To assist you in creating your documentation page, Adobe has prefilled a documentation template for you. Further below, you can find instructions how to edit the template and open a pull request. The Adobe documentation team will review and publish the documentation for your new destination.

Download the template here and unzip the file to extract the file.

Instructions on using the template to create your documentation page are further below.

Steps to create your new destination page steps-to-create-docs-page

You can use the GitHub web interface or your local environment to create documentation for your new destination in Adobe Experience Platform. Find instructions for both options in the links below:

Best practices best-practices

Review the authoring best practices before and while you create the destination documentation page. Make sure to also read the writing guidance for Adobe Documentation for some more writing tips that the Adobe documentation team uses when authoring documentation.