Pega Customer Decision Hub connection

Overview overview

Use the Pega Customer Decision Hub destination in Adobe Experience Platform to send profile attributes and audience membership data to Pega Customer Decision Hub for next-best-action decisioning.

Profile audience membership from Adobe Experience Platform, when loaded into Pega Customer Decision Hub, can be used as predictor in adaptive models and help deliver the right contextual and behavioral data for next-best-action decisioning purposes.

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Use cases

To help you better understand how and when you should use the Customer Decision Hub destination, here are sample use cases that Adobe Experience Platform customers can solve by using this destination.


A marketer wants to leverage insights from data science model-based next best action as delivered by Pega Customer Decision Hub for customer engagement. Pega Customer Decision Hub is heavily reliant on customer intent – for example “Interested_In_5G”, “Interested_in_Unlimited_Dataplan” or “Interest_in_iPhone_accessories”.

Financial services

A marketer wants to optimize the offers for customers who subscribed or unsubscribed from Pension Plan or Retirement Plan newsletters. Financial services companies can ingest multiple Customer IDs from their own CRMs into Adobe Experience Platform, build audiences from their own offline data, and send profiles that are entering and exiting the audiences to Pega Customer Decision Hub for next-best-action (NBA) decisioning in outbound channels.

Prerequisites prerequisites

Before you can use this destination to export data out of Adobe Experience Platform, make sure you complete the following prerequisites in Pega Customer Decision Hub:

Supported identities supported-identities

Pega Customer Decision Hub supports the activation of custom user IDs described in the table below. For more details, see identities.

Target Identity
Common User Identifier that uniquely identifies a profile in Pega Customer Decision Hub and Adobe Experience Platform

Export type and frequency export-type-frequency

Refer to the table below for information about the destination export type and frequency.

Export type
Export all members of an audience with identifier (CustomerID), attributes (last name, first name, location, etc.) and Audience Membership data.
Export frequency
Streaming destinations are always-on API-based connections. As soon as a profile is updated in Experience Platform, based on audience evaluation, the connector sends the update downstream to the destination platform. For more information, see streaming destinations.

Connect to the destination connect

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial. In the configure destination workflow, fill in the fields listed in the two sections below.

Authenticate to destination authenticate

OAuth 2 Client Credentials authentication oauth-2-client-credentials-authentication

Image of the UI screen where you can connect to the Pega CDH destination, using OAuth 2 with Client Credentials authentication

Fill in the fields below and select Connect to destination:

  • Access Token URL: The OAuth 2 access token URL on your Pega Customer Decision Hub instance.
  • Client ID: The OAuth 2 client ID that you generated in your Pega Customer Decision Hub instance.
  • Client Secret: The OAuth 2 client secret that you generated in your Pega Customer Decision Hub instance.

Fill in destination details destination-details

After establishing the authentication connection to the Pega Customer Decision Hub, provide the following information for the destination:

Image of the UI screen showing completed fields for the Pega CDH destination details

To configure details for the destination, fill in the required fields and select Next.

  • Name: A name by which you will recognize this destination in the future.
  • Description: A description that will help you identify this destination in the future.
  • Host Name: The Pega Customer Decision Hub Host Name to which the profile gets exported as json data.

Activate audiences to this destination activate


See Activate audience data to streaming profile export destinations for instructions on activating audiences to this destination.

Destination attributes attributes

In the Select attributes step, Adobe recommends that you select a unique identifier from your union schema. Select the unique identifier and any other XDM fields that you want to export to the destination.

Mapping example: activating profile updates in Pega Customer Decision Hub mapping-example

Below is an example of correct identity mapping when exporting profiles to Pega Customer Decision Hub.

Selecting source fields:

  • Select an identifier (For example: CustomerID) as source identity that uniquely identifies a profile in Adobe Experience Platform and Pega Customer Decision Hub.
  • Select XDM source profile attribute changes that need to be exported and updated in Pega Customer Decision Hub.

Selecting target fields:

  • Select the CustomerID namespace as target identity.
  • Select destination profile attribute names that need to be mapped to corresponding XDM source profile attributes.

Identity mapping

Exported data / Validate data export exported-data

A successful audience membership update for a profile would insert the audience identifier, name and statuses in the Pega marketing audience membership datastore. The membership data is associated to a customer using Customer Profile Designer in Pega Customer Decision Hub, as shown below.
Image of the UI screen where you can associate Adobe Audience Membership data to Customer, using Customer Profile Designer

The audience membership data is used in Pega Next-Best-Action Designer Engagement polices for next-best-action decisioning, as shown below.
Image of the UI screen where you can add Audience membership fields as conditions in Engagement Policies of Pega Next-Best-Action Designer

The customer audience membership data fields are added as predictors in Adaptive models, as shown below.
Image of the UI screen where you can add Audience membership fields as predicators in Adaptive models, using Prediction Studio

Additional resources additional-resources

See Setting up an OAuth 2.0 client registration in Pega Customer Decision Hub.

See Creating a real-time run for data flows in Pega Customer Decision Hub.

See Manage customer records in Customer Profile Designer.

Data usage and governance data-usage-governance

All Adobe Experience Platform destinations are compliant with data usage policies when handling your data. For detailed information on how Adobe Experience Platform enforces data governance, see the Data Governance overview.