LINE connection

Overview overview

LINE is a popular communication platform that connects people, services and information and has grown from a chat app into a hub for entertainment, social, and day-to-day activities.

This Adobe Experience Platform destination leverages the LINE Messaging API. You can activate profiles from your Experience Platform audiences as connections within LINE for your business needs.

LINE uses Bearer Tokens as the authentication mechanism to communicate with the LINE Messaging API. Instructions to authenticate to your LINE instance are further below, within Authenticate to destination section.

Use cases use-cases

As a marketer, you can target users in a mobile engagement destination, with audiences built in Adobe Experience Platform. Additionally, you can deliver personalized experiences to them, based on attributes from their Adobe Experience Platform profiles, as soon as audiences and profiles are updated in Adobe Experience Platform.

Prerequisites prerequisites

LINE prerequisites prerequisites-destination

Note the following prerequisites in LINE, in order to export data from Platform to your LINE account:

You need to have a LINE account prerequisites-account

You need to register and create a LINE account, if you do not have one already. To create an account:

  1. Navigate to the LINE acount login page
  2. Select Create an account.

Gather the LINE channel access token (long-lived) from the LINE developer console gather-credentials

To allow Platform to access LINE resources, you will need the Channel access token (long-lived) from the desired LINE Messaging API channel.

  1. Log in with your LINE account to the LINE Developer console.
  2. Next, access the Providers list, then select the Provider of interest and finally select the Messaging API channel to access its settings. If you are accessing the developer console for the first time follow the LINE documentation to complete the steps required to create a provider.
  3. Finally, navigate to the Channel access token section and copy the Channel access token (long-lived) value required within Authenticate to destination step.
Channel access token (long-lived)
Your LINE Channel access token (long-lived).

Refer to the LINE documentation for guidance on creating a channel or adding a channel to your existing LINE account through the LINE developers console.

Supported identities supported-identities

LINE supports the update and export of identities described in the table below. Learn more about identities.

Target Identity
ID for Advertisers(IFAs)
Select the ID for Advertisers(IFAs) target identity when the source identities are IFA (Apple ID for Advertisers) or GAID *(Google Advertising ID) namespaces.
Select the UserID target identity when the source identities are LINE User IDs.

Export type and frequency export-type-frequency

Refer to the table below for information about the destination export type and frequency.

Export type
You are exporting all members of an audience with the identifiers (name, phone number, or others) used in the LINE destination.
Export frequency
Streaming destinations are “always on” API-based connections. As soon as a profile is updated in Experience Platform based on audience evaluation, the connector sends the update downstream to the destination platform. Read more about streaming destinations.

Connect to the destination connect

To connect to the destination, you need the View Destinations and Manage Destinations access control permissions. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial. In the configure destination workflow, fill in the fields listed in the two sections below.

Within Destinations > Catalog search for LINE. Alternatively you can locate it under the Mobile engagement category.

Authenticate to destination authenticate

To authenticate to the destination, select Connect to destination.
Platform UI screenshot showing how to authenticate.

Fill in the required fields below.

  • Bearer token: Your LINE Channel access token (long-lived) from the LINE developer console. Refer to the gather credentials section.

If the details provided are valid, the UI displays a Connected status with a green check mark. You can then proceed to the next step.

Fill in destination details destination-details

To configure details for the destination, fill in the required and optional fields below. An asterisk next to a field in the UI indicates that the field is required.
Platform UI screenshot showing the destination details.

  • Name: A name by which you will recognize this destination in the future.
  • Description: A description that will help you identify this destination in the future.
  • Audience Type: Select ID for Advertisers(IFAs) if the identities you are looking to export are of type ID for Advertisers(IFAs). Select LINE user IDs if the identities you are looking to export are of type LINE User IDs. Refer to the Supported identities section for more information about the identity types.

Enable alerts enable-alerts

You can enable alerts to receive notifications on the status of the dataflow to your destination. Select an alert from the list to subscribe to receive notifications on the status of your dataflow. For more information on alerts, see the guide on subscribing to destinations alerts using the UI.

When you are finished providing details for your destination connection, select Next.

Activate audiences to this destination activate


Read Activate profiles and audiences to streaming audience export destinations for instructions on activating audiences to this destination.

Map attributes and identities map

To correctly send your audience data from Adobe Experience Platform to the LINE destination, you need to go through the field mapping step. Mapping consists of creating a link between your Experience Data Model (XDM) schema fields in your Platform account and their corresponding equivalents from the target destination. To correctly map your XDM fields to the LINE destination fields, follow these steps:

Depending on your source identity the following target identity namespace(s) must be mapped:

Target Identity
Source Field
Target Field
ID for Advertisers(IFAs)
LINE user IDs

If your target identities are LINE user ID’s you will need the below:
Platform UI screenshot example showing the Target mapping when using LINE User IDs for target identities.

If your target identity is ID for Advertisers(IFAs) you will need the below:
Platform UI screenshot example showing the Target mapping when using ID for Advertisers(IFAs) for target identities.

Validate data export exported-data

Upon a successful data export out of Experience Platform, the LINE destination creates a new audience within LINE using the selected audience name.

To validate that you have correctly set up the destination, follow the steps below:

  1. In LINE, log in to the Manager console.

  2. Next, navigate to Data Controls > Audiences and check the name matching the selected audience within the Audience name column.

  3. The updated volume would match the count within the segment.

  4. The Type column will mention UserID if the identities you exported are of type UserID. Similarly, The Type column will mention Mobile ad Id if the identities you exported are of type IDFA.

An example setup within LINE is shown below:
LINE UI screenshot showing the audience volume.

Data usage and governance data-usage-governance

All Adobe Experience Platform destinations are compliant with data usage policies when handling your data. For detailed information on how Adobe Experience Platform enforces data governance, see the Data Governance overview.