User access

Please note that user access to Assurance is changing. As Assurance leaves beta (Project Griffon) to being generally available (as Assurance) to all Adobe Experience Cloud customers - access to Assurance will be managed through the Admin Console.
If you need assistance, please contact your company’s Adobe Experience Cloud administrator.

To receive or to maintain uninterrupted access to Assurance, ensure that the following steps are completed in the Admin Console:

Adding users to Experience Platform through a product profile

To add a user to a product profile, log into the Admin Console and select Add users.

The Add users button is highlighted.

The Add users to your team dialog appears. On this dialog, you can enter the details of the user you want to add. Enter the user’s email address, first name (optional) and last name (optional).

Select the pencil icon to choose the products and user groups. From here, select Adobe Experience Platform, then AEP-Default-All-Users, followed by Save.

The dialog which shows how to add the product profile is displayed.