Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Headless Adaptive Forms is a solution for creating and managing headless web forms within the Adobe Experience Manager platform. This feature enables organizations to create, publish, and manage interactive forms that can be accessed and interacted with through APIs, rather than through a traditional graphical user interface. AEM Headless Adaptive Forms allows for greater flexibility and scalability in form development and deployment, as well as improved user experience through the ability to tailor form design and functionality to specific needs. By utilizing the capabilities of AEM and headless technology, this solution provides a robust platform for creating, managing, and deploying web forms for various use cases and applications.

Build and natively render a form in any website, an application, or non-visual inteactions

Headless adaptive forms help you:

  • build high-quality multi-channel forms in the programming language of your choice
  • natively integrate forms to your desktop and mobile apps, websites, and chat applications
  • reuse your proprietary UI components with forms applications
  • leverage the power of Adobe Experience Manager Forms

In addition, you have the freedom to develop your own components to render a form using any UI framework and programming language of your choice. You can also use React components available out-of-the-box to render a Headless adaptive form.

Who can use Headless adaptive forms? who-can-use-headless-adaptive-forms

Any front-end developer familiar with modern JavaScript frameworks can use Headless adaptive forms. Developers can leverage their existing expertise in frontend languages like React to create beautiful enterprise-class data capture experiences.

You require no prior knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager to develop Headless adaptive forms.