Using Edge Delivery Services usingedge

With Edge Delivery, you can create rapid development environments where authors can update and publish content quickly, and new sites can be launched rapidly. To this end, you can work with multiple content sources on the same website and publishing will be seamless and streamlined regardless of you chosen source. As such, it takes only a couple of seconds to go from editing to seeing the content live on the internet.

Authoring authoring-edge

With Edge Delivery, authoring is easy, fast, and flexible. You can take two different paths to authoring within the context of Edge Delivery Services:

  • Document-based authoring (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs) - Refer to this link for more details.
  • Page Editor/Universal Editor - Contact your Adobe Sales Representative.

If there is document-based authoring, you can work with a variety of sources such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Documents from these sources become pages on your website. Headings, lists, images, font elements, videos can all be transferred from the initial source into your website. You can add metadata for SEO purposes or use blocks to work with structured content and add functionality.

Publishing publishing-edge

With Edge Delivery, publishing content is seamless regardless of your content source. The process is as follows: you use the sidekick extension to trigger the publishing mechanism and your content will be available live on your website in a couple of seconds.

Edge Delivery Services and GitHub github-edge

Edge Delivery uses GitHub so customers can manage and deploy code directly from their GitHub repository. For example, you can write content in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word and develop the functionality of your site by using CSS and JavaScript in GitHub. Websites are automatically created for each of your branches from content preview to production. Every resource that you put into your GitHub repository is available on your website without a build process.

Using the Sidekick using-sidekick

The AEM sidekick provides a toolbar with context-aware options so you can easily edit, preview, and publish content. After installing the AEM sidekick extension it can be used either in project environments or when you edit your content (for example, in Google Docs). Depending on the environment, it has several actions available like: Preview, Reload, Edit, and Publish. You can also switch environments when using the sidekick going from preview to production and vice versa.

To publish, open the sidekick on a preview page and use the Publish action. After you click Publish, the current preview version of the page will be available in live and production environments.

Integrate AEM Assets with document-based authoring integrate-assets-edge

Edge Delivery enables you to use images available in AEM Assets repositories while authoring documents in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

The options to use images within your documents are available only after configuring the AEM Assets sidekick plugin.

The sidekick plugin for AEM Assets supports access to:

  • AEM Assets as a Cloud Service

  • AEM Assets Essentials

After configuring the AEM Assets sidekick plugin, you can start using images within your Google Docs or Microsoft Word documents.

Further reading further-reading

For more details, see the following pages:

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