How to add stricthostcheck in AEMaaCS dispatcher configuration

This article explains how to add stricthostcheck as per [ 1] in AEMaaCS dispatcher configuration.

[ 1]

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Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)


How to add the property “StrictHostCheck” at the Dispatcher configuration in AEMaaCS?

Resolution resolution

Stricthostcheck is not on the allow list of validators for cloud dispatcher as part of AEMaaCS.

It might be valid for “normal” Apache HTTPD based sites, but Host / X-Forwarded-Host handling is done in AEMaaCS by design this way.

It’s due to how Apache HTTPD is configured in AEMaaCS - if given hostname is not matched by the customer virtual hosts, the request goes to dummy “sink” catch-all vhost on purpose.