Marcom - Revision cleanup doesn’t show under daily maintenance | AEM

This article addresses the concerns related to the visibility of the Revision Clean Up task in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) UI under Daily Maintenance, particularly after an upgrade to SP17, and provides insights into the management of Revision Garbage Collection when using MongoDB as a datastore.

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Adobe Experience Manager 6.5


Customers may observe that post-upgrade of AEM to SP17, the Revision Clean Up task does not appear under the Daily Maintenance section in the UI, while it remains accessible in the config manager. This discrepancy can lead to confusion about the maintenance tasks’ status and execution.

Additionally, questions may arise regarding the configuration and monitoring of the Revision Garbage Collection process in environments where MongoDB is utilized instead of the traditional Oak Segment Tar datastore.

Resolution resolution

The absence of the Revision Clean Up task in the AEM UI’s Daily Maintenance section when MongoDB is used is due to the automated nature of the garbage collection process in MongoDB, which differs from the process in Oak Segment Tar. In MongoDB, the task does not require manual configuration or initiation, as the system handles it autonomously.

To verify if the Revision Garbage Collection has run, administrators can look for logs containing Garbage collector stats since, which provide detailed statistics on the process. If manual triggering or stopping of the garbage collection is necessary, it can be performed via the JMX bean: org.apache.jackrabbit.oak:Revision garbage collection (RevisionGarbageCollection), although under normal circumstances, such intervention is not required.

Understanding these differences and knowing how to check the logs for garbage collection activities can help administrators ensure that their AEM instances are maintained appropriately and can alleviate concerns about the visibility of maintenance tasks in the UI.