Maximum character limit for environment variables in the AEMaaCS’s Cloud Manager

This article provides details on the maximum character limits for environment variables in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service’s (AEMaaCS) Cloud Manager across various environments, including staging, production, and development.

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Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service


When configuring the environment variables under Cloud Manager, it is essential to understand the constraints regarding the length of these variables. This knowledge is crucial for developers and administrators when setting up and managing environment configurations for AEM as a Cloud Service.

Resolution resolution

The character length for environment variables, which can be set for each specific environment (stage, production, development) in Cloud Manager, should not exceed 2048 characters. This limit ensures that the variables can be processed efficiently and aligns with the best practices for configuration management within AEM as a Cloud Service.

For additional information or assistance, please refer to the official Adobe Experience League documentation on the environment variables.