“Whoops” error when loading a list of tasks or projects

The error message Whoops. Something went wrong, can be resolved by resetting the user’s preferences. You must have the Adobe Workfront Administrator role to be able to do it.

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Adobe Workfront


When trying to load a list of items, such as a task list in a project, you may encounter an error message that says Whoops. Something went wrong. This error message may persist even after trying standard troubleshooting methods like clearing cache and cookies or logging in through a different browser. It is possible that other users who visit the same page may not see this error, but an admin who is logged in as the reporting user will be able to see it.

Resolution resolution

Step to resolve:

An administrator can do this on the user’s behalf while logged in as them.

  1. Go to the link below, substituting company_domain with your environment’s domain:


  2. Click the first option to reset user’s preferences back to the system default.

Note:  Resetting a user’s preferences will change several settings, as described in this article, including their notification settings as well. Therefore, once the reset is performed, we recommend that any settings that were previously personalized be updated.

For more details, visit:Workfront Guide: Reset a user’s preferences