Adobe Campaign Standard: mirror page preview doesn’t work

Explore the challenges in mirror page previews via delivery logs and understand how product limitations, especially with > 25 brandings, impact Content- Security- Policy headers.

Description description


Campaign Standard


When accessing the mirror pages via the delivery logs, the preview of the mirror page fails with the following:

This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue.

Resolution resolution

An improvement request has already been logged to address this issue.

This is a limitation of the product that occurs when a campaign instance has many brandings (> 25). When a campaign instance has more than 25 brandings, code building HTTP Header Content-Security-Policy uses a paginated list of branding limited to 25 entities. Consequently, all branding is not used when building this Header. The occurrence of the error will depend on whether the delivery is linked with a branding that is part of the first 25 returned branding by the security code or not.