How to set the Oak login token session expiration

Learn how to set Oak login token session expiration. Use the API to manage the Oak login token.

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Adobe Experience Manager 6.x

How do I set the login-token cookie expiration for AEM?
This token affects the timeout for the session for default AEM authentication (token authentication) and SAML-based authentication.

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For more documentation on the token configuration, see the api docs on

  1. Go to http://aem-host:port/system/console/configMgr/ and log in as admin.

  2. Edit the value of the token configuration:

    1. Token Expiration=Set this to desired timeout value in milliseconds (for example 3600000 would be 1 hour)

    2. Token Length=8

    3. Hash Iterations=1000

    4. Hash Salt Size=8

      Note:  The  default token expiration time  for AEM is 43200000 ms (12 hours).

  3. Once you edit the  TokenConfiguration  from the OSGI console, the file /apps/system/config/ is created in the JCR repository.

  4. Go to http://aem-host:port/crx/de/index.jsp.

  5. Browse to and open this file /apps/system/config/

  6. If the field  passwordHashAlgorithm  exists in the file, then remove that line and save.

    For example, now your file might look like this:

    code language-none