Introduction to AEM Screens introduction-to-aem-screens

AEM Screens is the new digital signage solution integrated into Adobe Experience Manager. In this AEM Gems session, we will present the main features of AEM Screens and how to set up a simple Project with a slideshow and an interactive experience. We then give an overview of how to develop AEM Screens optimized components and how to set up Channels for offline use. Finally, we will explore the AEM Screens REST API and explain how to integrate custom Cordova plugins.

Delivered November 16, 2016

Presented by:

  • Julien Ramboz, UI Developer, Adobe
  • Tobias Reiss, Computer Scientist, Software Development, Adobe

Presenter slides

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Sample Project

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AEM versions 6.4 and older are End of Life and no longer sold by Adobe. Adobe recommends upgrading to the latest version - Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. Archived versions of the documentation can be accessed from this page.
As it relates to this session please see Deploying Screens and Screens Concept in the AEM 6.2 documentation.