Usage trends analysis

Learn how to use the usage view in Adobe Product Analytics, which provides valuable insight around the performance of your product or user engagement over time.

Hi, this is Patrick McLaughlin, and I’m a Group Product Manager on the Adobe Analytics team. Today, I’m going to show you the Usage View on our Trends Analysis in Adobe Product Analytics. This view helps me find patterns in my user engagement over time, answer my own quick questions, and easily share product data and insights with my stakeholders. Let’s get started. In the Usage View, I want to measure user engagement over time for the features that my team is working on.
I can select Product Views, add to cart, and confirm order.
I can filter any of these down by additional properties about that event or the users who engage with them. And I can also apply segments that my team uses across Customer Journey Analytics or Adobe Product Analytics.
As I’ve been doing this, I’m getting answers to my question in the form of the Insight Chart and Table below. I can compare this trend year over year by applying a time comparison.
I’m able to see this spike that happened in June. Directly from the chart, I can save this segment so I can send it to someone else in my team or use it later for a deeper analysis.
In the Chart Settings, there are several different ways to calculate my metrics for different use cases. We can look at these trends on a per user level. To simplify this data before sharing it to my colleagues, I can focus on the event that I care most about, change the way the metric is calculated, the chart type, and I can change the time interval.
And now I have a nice clean chart to send. From this view, I can save or share to my colleagues to help bring product data to more decisions. Thanks and have fun playing with the data.
Thanks for watching.

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