Share Experience Cloud folders and assets with Creative Cloud

Share folders and assets between Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud. Collaborate, annotate shared assets, and use them in Experience Cloud applications like Adobe Social and Adobe Target. The shared folder must originate from Experience Cloud.

Benefits of sharing section_4AA9939F38064280BB181D5F9E1FDEEE

  • Streamline creative production workflows in the review, approve, and publish phase
  • Spend less time managing in-process files and versions in multiple locations
  • Track and manage creative assets more effectively
  • Enjoy increase enterprise security
  • Easily share, save, and send files between creatives and marketers

Before Creative Cloud users have access to assets, they must be whitelisted in Experience Cloud. See Manage Creative Cloud users.

About asset sharing with Adobe Target section_B7CD64CAB35D43A4B12957B304072DC9

When creating activities in Adobe Target, you can use a shared image asset when swapping images in the Offers Library.

See Offers Library in Target Help.