Cron jobs

These topics discuss how to set up a custom cron job and optionally a custom cron group. If your Commerce extension requires scheduled tasks to run periodically, you can use these topics to set up a cron job (the scheduled task) and optionally a cron group, which runs custom tasks at the same time.

If you use a Commerce-provided cron group, you do not have to define a custom cron group; however, if you want your cron jobs to run at a different schedule or you want them all to run together, you should define a cron group

The Commerce application provides the following cron groups:

  • default, which contains most cron jobs

  • index, which refreshes indexers

  • consumers, which runs message queue consumers

  • These topics are available in Adobe Commerce only

    • staging, which runs Staging-related tasks
    • catalog_event, which runs tasks for target and shopping cart rules