MDVA-28300: price calculation issue with catalog price rule in GraphQL

A new patch called MDVA-33975 fixes GraphQL price calculation issues. MDVA-28300 is depreciated and it is recommended that you apply the patch MDVA-33975. To access this patch, refer to MDVA-33975: GraphQL price calculations.

The MDVA-28300 patch fixes the issue where GraphQL request doesn’t reflect the price changes from catalog price rules. This patch is available when the Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v.1.0.6 is installed. Please note that the issue was fixed in Adobe Commerce version 2.3.6.

Affected products and versions

The patch is created for Adobe Commerce version: Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.3.5-p1

Compatible with Adobe Commerce versions: Adobe Commerce on-premsies and Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.3.0 - 2.3.5-p2

The patch might become applicable to other versions with new Quality Patches Tool releases. To check if the patch is compatible with your Adobe Commerce version, update the magento/quality-patches package to the latest version and check the compatibility on the Quality Patches Tool: Search for patches page. Use the patch ID as a search keyword to locate the patch.


When a catalog price rule is applied to a certain customer group, items prices in the cart and order total are not calculated correctly in GraphQL.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new customer account and change its Customer Group to Wholesale.

  2. Create a new Catalog rule in Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rules with the following parameters:

    • Customer Groups: WholesaleActions:
    • Apply: Apply as percentage of original
    • Discount: 50
  3. Create a new product with price=100.

  4. Log in to the frontend using the previously created customer account (if you were already logged in, log out and log in again).

  5. Add the product to the cart. The price of the product is 50 (regular price 100) and Order Total: 55 (50 + 5 of shipment cost).

  6. Execute the GraphQL API call described in customerCart query in our developer documentation.

Expected result:

Both API and frontend have the same order total with the discount introduced by the catalog rule being applied.

Actual result:

The total of the order doesn’t apply the catalog rule discount.

Apply the patch

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