MDVA-20376: no such entity with customerId

The MDVA-20376 patch solves the issue of a No such entity with customerId = 1 error for logged-in customers after order placement. This patch is available when the Quality Patches Tool (QPT) 1.0.13 is installed. Please note that the issue was fixed in Adobe Commerce version 2.3.4.

Affected products and versions

The patch is created for Adobe Commerce version:

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.3.2

Compatible with Adobe Commerce versions:

Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods) 2.3.2 - 2.3.3-p1

The patch might become applicable to other versions with new Quality Patches Tool releases. To check if the patch is compatible with your Adobe Commerce version, update the magento/quality-patches package to the latest version and check the compatibility on the Quality Patches Tool: Search for patches page. Use the patch ID as a search keyword to locate the patch.


Logged-in customers receive No such entity with customerId = 1 error after order placement.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the storefront, and log in as a registered user.
  2. Place an order.
  3. In the CLI, go to var/log and you will see the exception.log file.

Expected results:

No errors should appear in the logs, as expected.

Actual results:

The exception log fills up with errors similar to:

report.CRITICAL: No such entity with customerId = 1 {"exception":"[object] (Magento\\Framework\\Exception\\NoSuchEntityException(code: 0): No such entity with customerId = 1 at /mnt/data/home/nyarlaga/dev/232/vendor/magento/framework/Exception/NoSuchEntityException.php:50)"} []

Apply the patch

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