Renew your certification renew

To maintain your Adobe certification, you must renew it every 2 years. If you do not renew your certification before it expires, you will need to take the full certification exam again to become re-certified.

View your current and expired certifications under the Certifications tab, in the Adobe Credential Management system.

How do I renew my certification?

Renewing your Adobe certification is easy! Depending on which certification you hold, you will complete your renewal by working through continuous learning activities and passing assessments, or by passing a non-proctored, on-demand job role exam.

Study resources

With Adobe’s support, renewing an Adobe Experience Cloud Certification is a straightforward process that enables you to maintain your expertise and stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

Adobe offers various resources and tools to help you renew your certification, including:

  • Access to online courses
  • Tutorials
  • Study materials

How much does it cost?

Most certifications can be renewed free of charge. Some certifications do not yet have a free renewal option. To renew those certifications, you will need to retake the full certification exam.

Free renewal options

The certifications found under the links below can be renewed for free, either through continuous learning or by taking an on-demand renewal exam. If you do not find your certification here, you will need to renew by retaking the full certification exam.

If you would like to share the link to a renewal exam or assessment with a colleague, please link to the overall exam renewal page, not the URL of the exam itself, to avoid login issues.


View the certification FAQ.

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