Change data source change-data-source

Use the Change data source activity to change the data source of a workflow working table. This activity provides more flexibility to manage data across different data sources such as Federated Data Access (FDA), Campaign Cloud database (FFDA) and Campaign Local database.

The workflow Working table is used to handle and share data with the workflow activities.

By default, the Working table is created in the same database as the source of the data you need to query on.
For example, when querying the Recipients table, stored on the Cloud database, the workflow creates a Working table on the same Cloud database.

Use a Change Data Source activity to use a different data source for your Working table.

Note that when using the Change Data Source activity, you need to switch back to the Cloud database to continue the workflow execution.

Please note that the Change Dimension and Change Data source activities should not be added in one row. If you need to use both activities consecutively, make sure you include an Enrichement activity in between them. This ensures proper execution and prevents potential conflicts or errors.

To use the Change Data Source activity, you must:

  1. Create a workflow.

  2. Query your targeted recipients with a Query activity.

    For more information on the Query activity, refer to this page.

  3. Add a Change data source activity.

  4. Edit your Change data source activity to select Default data source.

    The working table, which contains the result of your query, is then moved to the default Campaign Local database.

  5. Add a JavaScript code activity to perform unitary operations on the working table.

    For more information on the JavaScript code activity, refer to the this page.

  6. Add another Change data source activity to switch back to the Cloud database.

  7. Edit this activity and select Active FDA external account, and the corresponding External database external account.

  8. You can now start your workflow.