Manage assets with Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service aem-assets

Get started with Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service get-started-assets-essentials

Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service is an integrated, collaborative platform designed to streamline your creative workflow and centralize digital assets for seamless experience delivery. It simplifies the organization, tagging, and retrieval of approved production assets, ensuring brand consistency across teams. With its user-friendly interface, Assets as Cloud Service allows you to instantly access and share assets within your Adobe Creative and Experience Cloud applications.

Learn more in Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service documentation.

Upload and insert assets add-asset

To import files to Assets as Cloud Service, you first need to browse or create the folder it will be stored into. You will then be able to insert them to your email content.

For more information on how to upload assets, refer to Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service documentation.

  1. From your homepage, access the advanced menu and select Experience Manager Assets.


  2. Under Assets Management, click Assets and choose the repository for your Assets in Adobe Campaign.

  3. Click a folder from the central section or from the tree view to open it.

    You can also click Create folder to create a new folder.

  4. Once in the selected or created folder, click Add Assets to upload new asset to your folder.


  5. From the Upload files, click Browse and choose if you want to Browse files or Browse folders.

  6. Select the file you want to upload. When done, click Upload.


  7. To access the advanced asset management menu, select the asset you just uploaded.

    To learn more on how to manage your assets, refer to this page.


  8. To further edit your assets with Adobe Photoshop Express, double-click the assets. Then, from the right-hand menu, select the Edit mode icon. Learn more.

  9. From Adobe Campaign, select the Asset picker menu from the left pane of the email designer.


  10. Select your previously created Assets folder. You can also search for your asset or your folder in the search bar.

    If needed, click Manage assets to directly access your Adobe Experience Manager Assets workspace.

  11. Drag and drop your asset in your email content.


  12. You can further customize your assets such as adding an external link or a text using the Settings and Styles tabs. Learn more about components settings